Reporting dissatisfaction and filing a complaint

The IRDPQ is committed to ensuring your satisfaction.

You have the right to file a complaint with regard to the services you have received or believe you should have received. 

What should you do if you are dissatisfied? 

You may try to solve the problem with the concerned employee or professional, or with the person in charge of the concerned service. However, should you deem this approach as unlikely to address your concerns, you may file a complaint by:

  • calling 418-529-9141, extension 6589;
  • going in person to the IRDPQ at 525, boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel, Room A-110, in Quebec City;
  • calling the TTY number: 418-649-3734
  • sending an email to plaintes@irdpq.qc.ca.

The Local Complaints and Service Quality Commissioner will travel, if required, to our satellite offices to hear a complaint.

How should you file a complaint?

The user or his representative may file a complaint.

If required, you may ask the Local Complaints and Service Quality Commissioner to assist you. You may also be assisted and accompanied by:

  • the person of your choice (a parent, friend or somebody you trust);
  • the Users' Committee of the IRDPQ;
  • the Centre d'assistance et d'accompagnement aux plaintes (CAAP- Centre for assistance and accompaniment in filing a complaint) of the area where you live. 

This service is free and confidential. Forms are available in Room A-110 of the satellite office located on boulevard Wilfrid Hamel, at Users' Committee office and in the main entranceway of the IRDPQ's establishments.

Examination of the complaint

Upon reception of a complaint, the Local Complaint and Service Quality Commissioner will issue an acknowledgement of receipt.

An analysis of the complaint is then conducted. This process must be completed within 45 days. The findings and suggested solutions are sent in writing to the user.

All complaints are treated confidentially.

Should the Local Complaints and Service Quality Commissioner fail to present his findings within the prescribed 45-day delay, or if the user disagrees with these findings, he may then file a  complaint with the Protecteur du citoyen (Ombudsman).

Report with regard to complaints

As required by the Law (2005, c.32), the Local Complaints and Service Quality Commissioner files annually with the IRDPQ's Board of Directors:

  • a report concerning the implementation of the complaints examination procedure;
  • a report with regard to user satisfaction and the respect of user rights;
  • an annual summary of activities as well as the report of the Medical Examiner and the Review Committee. Furthermore, each year or upon request, the Commissioner files and activity report with the Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de la Capitale-Nationale (Health and Social Services Board of the National Capital).